2021 Pantone Colors 

This year Pantone decided to release not one, but two colors for their much anticipated Color of the Year drop. They decided upon Pantone 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and Pantone 13-0647 Illuminating (a cheerful yellow). Industries such as fashion, home furnishings, industrial design, product packaging, and graphic design use Pantone colors for product development and so the announcement of the new color (or colors) is a very exciting time. 

What Are Pantone Colors?

Pantone colors are standardized colors that designers, manufacturers and retailers can easily reference and replicate. The colors have codes (6 digits) that stand for a specific shade. The first pair of numbers refers to the lightness or darkness of the color, the second pair of numbers specifies the hue (yellow, red, blue, green), and lastly the third pair of numbers describes the chroma level of the color. 

Pantone Color Influence 

In order to come up with the Pantone Color of the Year, the Pantone Institute takes the time to study color trends and influences from all over the world . They take in consideration all aspects of society such as social media, fashion, marketing, and the entertainment industry. The color (or colors) chosen as the color of the year become very influential in the vast world of brand marketing and design. Many brands make sure to incorporate the Pantone Color of the Year into their upcoming product launches, thus reinforcing the importance and influence of the Pantone color of the Year.

Keeping Up With The Trends 

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Source: Pantone