In this month’s blog we will be talking about the similarities and differences between consignment shops and thrift stores, as well as giving tips and tricks for shopping at each.

While each independently owned thrift store and consignment shop will have their own standards and regulations, there are some commonalities that remain consistent amongst them all. 

Thrifty Finds

Most thrift stores in the US are primarily donation-based and are hosted by a non-profit or a charity. More often than not, community members will drop off their well-loved goods to the thrift store donation center to be sorted and priced by volunteers and employees. While heavily worn, damaged and flawed items are typically discouraged, it is not uncommon that these items make their way to the sales floor for customers to sift through.

While thrifting can be a lot of fun and rewarding when you find that one perfect item, it is often time consuming and you may be left feeling disappointed or leaving with an item that’s not in the greatest condition. But, if you are seeking higher end pieces, don’t have the time to sort through a warehouse-sized sales floor, and are still looking for a killer deal, then a consignment shop may be the way to go.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Pay Retail

At a consignment shop you are guaranteed to find higher-end items perfect for individuals on the hunt for work clothes, wardrobe updates, or those looking to ease into higher end fashions. If you aren’t familiar with the inner workings of a consignment shop, let us break it down for you; At a consignment shop a potential consignor will bring in their gently-loved items to be evaluated by the staff of the consignment shop. 

Each shop will be looking for different items to accept that are dependent on variables like season, what sells well in that area, and what they are in need of. Then, whatever items are deemed a good sell will be sold on behalf of the consignor in the shop. At Posh, not only do we sell your items in our store front, but we are also pioneers of e-commerce and actively sell our consignors items online, allowing them to have a greater opportunity to sell.

Additionally, Posh has stringent guidelines of only accepting freshly laundered, free of flaws and defects, and inspects every item that comes in – this ensures that our customers get the highest quality and condition of a pre-loved piece; not to mention that many items come in that are still new with tags on them.

When you are looking to consign, it is good to know that you will most likely have a contract that states the terms of your consignment such as: what percentage of the sold price you will be paid out (the industry standard is typically 60/40), the terms of how long your consignment will last, and how and when you will be paid. While there are some national consignment shops that pay their consignors upfront, it is important to note that these types of shops pay only 20-25% of what they are likely to sell your items for in their stores (vs. pure consignment where you get a higher percentage on the sale once your item sells).

Oh So Posh U.R. at Posh

At Posh Upscale Resale we sell only the highest quality items in the best condition. We have all of our handbags, accessories and higher-end items authenticated. We have something for everyone, from designers like Gucci, Chanel, Prada and Hermes, to department store brands such as Madewell, Banana Republic, Inc, Free People, Ralph Lauren and more all for one-third to a quarter of their originally retail price!

Shop us online at, or if you are located in the Bellingham, WA area we are open Wednesday – Sunday 11:30pm – 4:30pm at 1315 – 11th Street (inside McKenzie’s Alley in Historic Fairhaven)

Source: Already Pretty