In this month’s blog we are talking about the implications of fast fashion and why you should shop second-hand.

In a world where it seems nearly impossible to make an 100% ethical decision, there are steps you can take while shopping to lead a more ethical and more sustainable lifestyle.

A Clothing Wasteland

Did you know that Americans throw away 14 million tons of clothing a year? This number has more than doubled over the last 20 years and only looks to be increasing as fast fashion brands continue to be on the rise due to their cheap alternatives and quick trend turnarounds.

When you think of global polluters, most people think of big oil companies and transportation, but the fashion and textile industry actually produces 16.9 million tons of waste, and is responsible for nearly 10% of the annual global carbon emissions, according to To put that percentage into perspective for you, 10% is more than all international flights and maritime shipping emissions combined. And if that still doesn’t paint the big picture for you, the quantity of GHGs or greenhouse-gas emissions, is equal to the entire economies of France, Germany and the UK combined.

So What Do We Do?

The best ways we can combat this growing issue is to not overbuy clothes, donate/consign the ones we do have, and shop second-hand consignment and vintage. While you can find brands that produce ethically- and sustainably-sourced products, these brands tend not to be so budget friendly, which is why shopping second-hand consignment and vintage tends to be the more popular option.

Grandma Bought 2, We Buy 10

As we briefly touched on previously, we are consuming and cycling through way more products than any other generation before us. While women in the Baby Boomer generation would only buy two clothing items while shopping, we buy 10. Then, quicker than the blink of an eye, the trend we purchased these items for is out and fast fashion companies are pushing the next new trend for their consumers. Transforming our excessive consumerism habits is one of the most effective ways we can become a more ethical shopper and nip fast fashion in the bud.

Donate, Consign or Sell?

Well, what do we do with the excessive amounts of clothes that we already have in our wardrobe? Donate, sell, or consign? Nowadays there are many fast and easy ways to rid yourself of the clothes in your wardrobe that you no longer wear, and in some cases even make a profit! From the tried and true donation centers like Goodwill, The Salvation Army and American Red Cross, where you will not make a profit, but you’ll get the clutter out of your house quick,  to second-hand shops that pay for trendy fast fashion used clothes like Plato’s Closet and Style Encore, to online selling apps like Poshmark and Depop, your options are endless!

Being a consignment shop, we must admit that we are partial to consigning. Consigning your clothes is a great option for people who don’t have the time to constantly monitor online sales and still want the most profit for their gently-loved clothes. When you consign, your clothes are out of your house immediately as if you donated them, then you receive a check at the end of your consignment period without having to do anything! Here at Posh, not only do we sell your clothes in our brick and mortar store in downtown Historic Fairhaven, WA, but we are also one of the only consignment shops to have an active and thriving online presence through our website, as well as other selling platforms.

Make an appointment for a closet cleanout and we’ll do the rest. Here at Posh, we research each item you bring in, in order to ensure you receive the maximum amount back at the end of your consignment period. We also photograph each item, so you can expect your items to be listed on our website with beautiful images and burned backgrounds so that all photos are uniform and appealing. There is also the likely chance your items are showcased on our various selling and social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook Lives.

Rebuilding A Sustainable Wardrobe

Now that you’ve cleared out the fast-fashion items from your wardrobe, you’re going to have to go shopping again eventually, and when you do, we suggest shopping second-hand or consignment. When you shop consignment you will find higher-end, quality pieces that will possess the longevity of clothing you’d get from those expensive sustainable clothing brands we mentioned before without the expensive price tag…making it affordable.

Oh So Posh U.R. at Posh

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Source: Sustain Your Style